The Benefits of Child Care

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By the time a human being turns three years old, it will have developed approximately a quadrillion connections between brain cells. That is about twice as many connections as an adult has. Providing toddlers with good child care at that critical point in development is critical in helping children succeed in the future.

The brains of children are very malleable at a young age. They take information in and learn concepts at an amazing rate. That is why kids who go to preschool and other forms of early education end up being, on average, wealthier and healthier than kids who did not go to early education programs.

The benefits of child care are immense. Preschool and daycare aid a child in developing their emotional, economical, social, and personal skills. Being around other children their age forces children to interact with others and problem solve.

One study, which was conducted on children in Chicago from low income families, portrayed that kids that went to preschool had a 28 percent less chance of having future alcohol or drug problems or going to prison as an adult.

Child care is influential in helping kids live up to their potential. When a child is two years old, that child is typically the most active he or she will ever be. With proper child care, a young boy or girl can use the active years of life to develop a rapidly growing mind with life skills that will help him or her in any situation that comes up.

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