Is A Technical Career Institute Right For You?

Ac school in miami

Education is an important part of many professional careers; in order to become successful in whatever career path you choose to go, you’ll need proper training and education relevant to what you want to go into. And therein lies the problem with the typical college experience for many people: the relevancy of what they’re learning. A usual college curriculum consists of a lot of prerequisites that might be interesting and worth the extra time and money to some, but less than helpful and necessary to others.

Technical career institutes, then, are a good alternative, much more career based and focused than traditional college is. But how do you know if a technical career institute is the right place for you? Simple, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you interested in a career in the culina Continue reading

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Do You Want to Earn a College Degree?

Ba elementary education

It is a tale of two families. And while the two families may have numerous similarities, they also have significant differences. Differences that were not necessarily apparent until the oldest child from each of those families headed off to their first year of college.
Family One. When their oldest son graduated from high school, the parents were already in their mid 50s. The son had a pretty good high school career, attending a private school simply because his father had gone to a private school. The son played club hockey, so he became pretty skilled at balancing a schedule of challenging classes as well as practice and game schedules. Although the Continue reading

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Why Online and Blended Learning is Becoming a Popular Alternative to the Traditional Classroom

Accredited online school co

New technologies are opening up all kinds of possibilities in education, such as online and blended classes. Independent high schools that offer online education alongside traditional classes give students the alternative of customized, self-paced classes. There are many advantage to online learning, including more individual attention from teachers and higher student motivation to learn. With many benefits, online and blended K-12 education will continue to grow and expand the options available to students.

The rapid growth of online and blended learning
New technology is changing the world of education rapidly, with online learning and hybrid classes. Acc Continue reading

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What Do You Do as a Medical Assistant?

Technical college

The in demand industries in the United States are taking a shift. Previously, high school graduates were encouraged to attend a four year college. From here, they were expected to go on for further education, obtaining an even higher academic degree. However, current jobs demand employees with more of a technical background. Those working in the technical industries do not require a four year degree. Instead, they require a technical degree. One of these industries is that of medical assisting. The medical assistant career is highly in demand and will only continue to grow in need. What do you do as a medical assistant?

You help people in their time of need

Most of us have been there. We are sitting in a doctor?s office, waiting for some type of diagnostic test. Usually, the doctor lea Continue reading

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3 Reasons Day Care Is Great For Your Child

Child care

In this day and age, many parents are trying to manage both their work and home life. That means they have to split their time between their career and spending time with their children. While this can be a difficult thing to do, there are resources for parents that ensure their children are taken care of. In child care, children can learn essential social and educational skills. Fewer than one-third of children have a mother or father who can stay at home with them all day, and almost a quarter of these children who are five-years-old or younger are in some form of child care. However, with this growing amount of children in child care, more parents a Continue reading

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Making a DIY Totika Deck

Therapeutic games for children

Totika is a therapy game that combines jenga with therapy card games. The benefits of the totika game include confidence building and teaching open communication skills. Play therapy games like this are great for children three to 12 but can benefit anyone no matter what their age.
By creating an imitation of this game, you are able to make a more specialized version that will better help you address the specific needs of your child or students. Creating your own version of this game is simple, but it is important that you approach it with care. The point of this game is to foster new skills, so it is important to avoid making your game too competitive.

What You Need

  • Jenga or anther wood stacking game
  • A deck of index cards
  • Markers

Br Continue reading

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Why Blended Online School Environments Are Replacing Traditional Classroom Structures

Online high school courses

Education comes in many different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many modern school settings still don’t recognize this simple truth. Many students find themselves struggling to maintain good grades in light of additional factors in their life, many of which aren’t properly accommodated by traditional school structures. When graduation is your major goal and your current setting isn’t conducive to this, an online STEM curriculum could be what you’re looking for. Blended schools provide more flexibility than the average school, allowing you to get a quality education on your own time.

Public And Private Schools

Wheth Continue reading

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Five Benefits of Childrens Counseling Games

Childs play therapy supplies

Are you looking for childrens counseling games? It’s difficult for anyone to delve into a stressful memories that have caused trauma, but particularly for a child, who is still developing the ability to communicate at all and how to process emotions to begin with. Using childrens counseling games helps the children sort out the thoughts and feelings they’re experiencing. A few of the benefits of childrens counseling games, include:

Five Benefits of Childrens Counseling Games

  1. It gives children tools for dealing with life going forward.
    The purpose of counseling isn’t only to process past events that have triggered trauma in a child. It is also to helps them navigate the trials and trauma tha Continue reading
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