Summer Camp for Kids Keeps the Learning Going

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Almost all over America, children look forward to the days of summer when they can have a break from the regular rigors of their schools. After 10 months of hitting the books hard, kids need a change of pace, a redirection of sorts but one that will keep them engaged in their learning pursuits. Summer camp for kids is a way to keep kids engaged in the learning process while allowing them to enjoy their summer breaks at the same time.

Top private schools all over the country, along with a great number of public schools have implemented summer camp for kids programs to help young people continue their education during the summer months. Day care centers are also an active part in keeping kids active d Continue reading

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5 Things that You Can Do With a Human Development and Family Studies Degree

Family studies major

If you are majoring in a human development and family studies degree program then you might be wondering what you are going to be able to use your degree for. You may have had an idea in mind when you first started your Bachelors degree or masters or wherever you are at but maybe somewhere along the way, you changed your mind. That can happen a lot. When there are various areas that you could go into with one degree, it’s easy to think you want one thing. But then, when you experience the other industries and areas that are opening up to you, you’ll see tha Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Private School

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As a parent, it’s normal to want your child to get the best education that is available to them. However, sometimes, it’s not always feasible be it due to finances or grade point averages or something else entirely. You might think that you child should be in one of the top private schools in the country in order to give him or her the best opportunities at life. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Some of the top private schools end up having a poor turn out because the children who go there don’t appreciate what they have and spent the entire time partying and not studying. Continue reading

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The Every Child Succeeds Act and Academic Preschools

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When your child is ready for preschool, you may be weighing the benefits of traditional daycare with an academic program that prepares them for kindergarten. In the United States, approximately three-fourths of preschool-aged children are enrolled in some type of program.

Traditional daycare programs focus more on play and other types of creative and social activities. This is important for your child’s social development because they learn how to make friends and interact with others.

Academic preschool curriculum, however, as its name implies, includes reading readiness and other preschool education activities, such as learning basic math and science skills. Academic preschool education c Continue reading

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Cosmetology ClassesYou’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

Esthetician programs

Cosmetology has long been a popular career choice for many people. As a form of artistry, people choose this profession as a way to use their gift while doing something they love to do.

There are unlimited opportunities under the classification of cosmetology and its related fields. Nail technology and skin care have grown in popularity in recent years. Makeup artistry is a lucrative choice as a career as well. Makeup artists are needed in a wide variety of ways; for instance, a makeup artist is very necessary for stage and screen. For every movie made and every play produced there has been at least one professional hired to handle the makeup needs of the actors. At times a team of makeup artists will work together on a job, especially if there is a large cast of people participating i Continue reading

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The Top 6 Benefits of Private School

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Picking the right school for your child is a hard decision. All parents want to do the right thing but what that is exactly differs for every family. This is a very personal decision. This decision is very personal. It does not matter if you are looking at preschool, elementary school middle school or high school; it does not matter. There are some very real benefits to private school education. Here are a few of them.

  1. You get a smaller class size in private school. Smaller class sizes translate into better academic performance for everyone in those classes. This is one of the main benefits of private school education. The e Continue reading
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Three Benefits of Private School

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The experience of a child at school is extremely formative and shapes how they will see and interact with the world for many years to come. Indeed, at school children acquire social skills, communication skills, work ethic, organizational skills, and much more. They have a chance to figure out what they like and how to apply it to their lives.

Often in public schools, kids get left behind. They also often get corralled into a type of learning that doesn’t work for them, and the funding doesn’t exist to make sure that the tailored education each individual child needs is provided.

There are many more benefits of private school — check some of them out here:

1. Variety In Choice
Whereas in the public school system, kids are usually assigned a school by zoning or Continue reading

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Invest in the Next Generation by Supporting Quality Child Care Centers


Infant day care, preschools, and other child care centers are needed now more than ever. One of the primary reasons for this is that very few children have stay-at-home parents. In fact, less than one-in-three children have a mother or father that is able to stay home to care for them.

Many children under five, approximately 23.4%, spend their days in a variety of organized child care arrangements. This includes day care centers that care for infants and toddlers as well as preschools which prepare these children for kindergarten.

Quality child care centers are also important due to their obvious role in providing early educ Continue reading

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