Are You Satisfied with the Education Your Children Are Getting in School?

Education matters. Of all of the political discussions of the day, the importance of education is a fact that no one will dispute. Just how that education should be administered, however, gives people plenty to talk about. Not surprising, the kind of education that is important to many parents is the kind of education they received themselves. From discussions about the best neighborhood schools to conversations about the difference between private and public education, there are many times when these conversations can be pretty intense. What matters to everyone though is that children are able to be in a classroom with qualified teachers who care about individual students. Rigorous college preparatory curriculum is the goal for some families, while a list of classes that include skills that will prepare a student to be an electrician, plumber, or other career that is in high demand is what other families are looking for.
From the top private schools in Miami to the neighborhood pu Continue reading

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