Do You Read to Your Children Every Night?

The books are everywhere. In and on the nightstands that flank both sides of the bed. On the closet shelves that were intended for shoes. The short wooden book shelf that is tucked in the closet beneath the space were you do put your shoes. Throughout both of your daughters’ bedrooms. On the ceiling high shelves in the piano room. And, most importantly on one entire wall in the unfinished basement. On those shelves the books literally fill every nook and cranny. A number of titles on the main shelves remain arranged alphabetically by the last names of the authors, but the left over spaces between the top of the books and the bottom of the higher shelf, even more books are store horizontally.
You are a family of readers. In fact, right now the back seat of your otherwise very clean and neat car is full of another 30 titles that you picked up when you drove 30 miles to the annual Book Bazaar on your younger daughter’s college campus. Never mind that the event was a 12 hour drive one Continue reading

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