The Best Preschool Experience Can Help You Make Sure Your Child Is Ready for Elementary School

This is the time of year when many parents are in the process of discovering their educational options for next year. And while many parents already have their plans in place, parents of the youngest children may find themselves still making sure that they have explored all of their preschool options. Whether you decide to tour a preschool once a week while you are exploring your options are you are willing to take the advice of a friend, the decision that you make about where your child will go to preschool can help set the stage for a successful elementary start in a few years.
Preschool classrooms can vary, so it is often important for parents to make sure that they take time to understand what the differences are between the different options that are available.
For some parents, for example, it is important to find an environment to make sure that children learn to work indep Continue reading

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Over 60% Of Jobs In 2020 Will Require A Post-Secondary Degree Have You Considered Online Courses?

Online learning

Going back to school is tougher than ever. Getting a higher education is expensive…and it’s not just the student loans you have to worry about.

The daily commute, the lab fees, keeping yourself well-fed while being on-the-go…and that’s a story that changes exponentially depending on your part-time job, the amount of children you have and any extenuating circumstances that could get in the way. Yes, getting an education can seem downright impossible with so much already on your plate. That’s where online learning comes into play. Convenient and accessible while still giving you the tools you need to succeed, more students than ever are turning not to their local classroom settings, but their computer to advance their careers.

New to the benefits of online history courses and certifica Continue reading

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Private vs. Public School: Which Is Right for Your Child?

private schoolsWhen it comes to choosing a school for their child, parents are often faced with one major decision: public or private schools. The school you choose for your child will be responsible for not only providing a quality education but helping to shape them into a well-rounded, responsible adult. Because of this, it’s important to think very carefully about which kind of school you want your child to attend. To help make your decision easier, this article is going to look at a few key differences between private and public schools.

Private Schools

Attending a private school typically allows students to get far more individual attention due to smaller class sizes. These class sizes allow teachers to ensure that each of their students is getting the help they need to keep up with the curriculum. This is important because private schools often offer a more challenging curriculum. Because private schools don’t have to follow state guidelines, they have more flexibility when it comes to choosing a curriculum. Additionally, there are private Christian schools parents can choose that offer a more religious focus. The curriculum options private schools offer can be beneficial for parents because they can choose a school that focuses on a curriculum they think will be best for their children. While private school admission can be more trying, the schools often have better access to important resources for their students.

Public Schools

Because public schools are often the more common choice, they can have overcrowded, big class sizes. This is often due to not having enough teachers to provide more classrooms. Unfortunately, big class sizes can sometimes mean that students don’t get the individual attention they need and can often cause those with learning problems to be overlooked. But one of the great things about public schools is that they typically have a more varied curriculum, which allows students to be exposed to more diverse topics.

How to Choose

So, which type of school is right for your child? Both public and private schools have many benefits to offer their students. But if you’re looking for a more strict, individualized education for your child, you may want to consider finding a private school for them to attend. Choosing the right private school for your child can open up a world of possibilities. Private schools have a reputation for providing their students the knowledge and experience to ensure they’re ready for adulthood. And according to a 2017 Gallup poll, 71% of the 1,017 US adult participants gave private schools an excellent or good rating, with 63% giving the same rating to religious schools.

Hopefully, this article provided some insight into the key differences between private and public schools. It’s important to remember that in the end, it’s up to you to decide which type of school is best for your child.

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How Online Courses Provide Accessibility To Eduction

Online history courses

Furthering your education has become more important than ever. In fact, by 2020, just a few short years from now, it’s predicted that at least 60% of all jobs will require a post secondary education, if not higher. But for many of us, enrolling in a traditional undergrad or graduate program is simply not feasible with all of the additional responsibilities of adult life. From family responsibilities to social obligations, many of us have busy days as is. Fortunately, online courses offer the opportunity to study at home – or anywhere that you want.

The ability to study at home is one of the main reasons that people pursue online learning, as it allows the flexibility to Continue reading

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Five Reasons Your Preschooler Should Learn a Second Language

Spanish curriculum for elementary school

America leads the world in many areas, but one of those areas is not language learning. The Summer Institute of Linguistics says that around two-thirds of the world’s children are bilingual. In the United States, though, only 17% of children can speak any other language but English. In fact, in a lot of countries, mandatory foreign language study begins for students by the age of eight. Most American students who study a foreign language don’t start until they are in their junior or senior year of high school!

It may seem like a daunting task to think about teaching your child something like Spanish, or any other foreign language. But there are many options for Continue reading

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4 Things That are Possible While Attending Online Courses

Online lectures

One of the most important things that you can continue to do throughout your life is to obtain additional education. In fact, recent predictions estimate that nearly 60% of all jobs available in the year 2020 will require some form of post secondary education. With that in mind, you’ll find that many people are finding it beneficial to take courses that are entirely offered online. Considering that, here are four things that you might not have thought were possible while being enrolled in online courses.

  1. Watching Lectures

    An important aspect that many people associate with attending a school in person is being able to watch lectures given by an instructor. Fortunately, you’ll find that online courses still offer you with ways to watch online lectures that instructors create Continue reading
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Private Schools The Good and Bad

San ramon daycare

There are some statistics that are important at the start of this article. They are:

  • Family engagement in home literacy practices were higher in 2012 than in 2001.
  • In 2004 to 2005, about 64% of of two-year-olds had a highly expressive vocabulary.
  • The rate of dropouts decreased from 10.9% in 2000 to 5.9% in 2015.
  • From 2000 to 2015, the dropout rate of boys went down from 12.0% to 6.3%. The rate for girls went down from 9.9% to 5.4%.
  • 71% of children ages 3 and older used the internet in 2013.
  • In public schools, the student/teacher ratio was 16.1 in 2013.
  • In private schools, the student/teacher ratio was 12.2 in 2013.

A word. A word is important to know, especially if teaching children. The vocabularies of children grow over time and with Continue reading

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Finding the Right Massage Therapist Can Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest

Massage continuing education courses

It seemed like nothing much at the time, but when you stood up from taking us your socks you must have twisted your back the wrong way. Fifteen minutes later you could barely move. You were stiff and sore and, quite frankly, worried about whether or not you would be able to get out of bed in the morning.
Fortunately, one of your roommates has been taking massage courses and she is often looking for a way to practice. You were more than happy to volunteer, and you were more than relieved when you found out that the massage courses that she has been taking seem to pay off. By the end of her work you were more comfortable and no longer worried about being able to get out of bed in the morning.
Massage Training Online Allows You to Get Your Certification on Your Time Schedule< Continue reading

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