Making a DIY Totika Deck

Therapeutic games for children

Totika is a therapy game that combines jenga with therapy card games. The benefits of the totika game include confidence building and teaching open communication skills. Play therapy games like this are great for children three to 12 but can benefit anyone no matter what their age.
By creating an imitation of this game, you are able to make a more specialized version that will better help you address the specific needs of your child or students. Creating your own version of this game is simple, but it is important that you approach it with care. The point of this game is to foster new skills, so it is important to avoid making your game too competitive.

What You Need

  • Jenga or anther wood stacking game
  • A deck of index cards
  • Markers

Br Continue reading

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Why Blended Online School Environments Are Replacing Traditional Classroom Structures

Online high school courses

Education comes in many different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many modern school settings still don’t recognize this simple truth. Many students find themselves struggling to maintain good grades in light of additional factors in their life, many of which aren’t properly accommodated by traditional school structures. When graduation is your major goal and your current setting isn’t conducive to this, an online STEM curriculum could be what you’re looking for. Blended schools provide more flexibility than the average school, allowing you to get a quality education on your own time.

Public And Private Schools

Wheth Continue reading

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Five Benefits of Childrens Counseling Games

Childs play therapy supplies

Are you looking for childrens counseling games? It’s difficult for anyone to delve into a stressful memories that have caused trauma, but particularly for a child, who is still developing the ability to communicate at all and how to process emotions to begin with. Using childrens counseling games helps the children sort out the thoughts and feelings they’re experiencing. A few of the benefits of childrens counseling games, include:

Five Benefits of Childrens Counseling Games

  1. It gives children tools for dealing with life going forward.
    The purpose of counseling isn’t only to process past events that have triggered trauma in a child. It is also to helps them navigate the trials and trauma tha Continue reading
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Online Classes Can Benefit You No Matter Your Age


Online classes and home learning are great ways to get an education. You can focus on your education while also having time to focus on other things like a career or your family. In fact, there are reports that 32% of higher education students say they have taken at least one class online. The thing is, online classes and home learning courses are not just for the traditional college aged student. In fact, these courses can benefit anyone no matter what age.

Children can benefit from these classes because they can be taught in a familiar environment. Whether they are at the young age of seven or at the maturing age o Continue reading

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How to Raise a Bilingual Child in the United States

Spanish storybook

The United States is severely lacking in producing bilingual individuals. According to the Summer Institute of Linguistics, more than two thirds of the world?s children are bilingual. However in America, only 17% of the total population speaks a second language in addition to English. Although many people attempt to learn a second language, many struggle and eventually fail. Other countries produce more bilingual individuals because of the specific language education they provide. Even if you find it too difficult to learn a secondary language at this point in your life, you can enact the same lessons that other countries provide to increase your children?s ability to learn multiple languages.

Introduce a secondary language young
Americans fail to introduce secondary langua Continue reading

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Should You Go Back to School?

Human development and family studies degree

If you’re an adult, you may feel like you’re too old to go back to college and get an education. It’s normal to feel like that, but that’s simply not the case. In a 2012 Pew Research report, workers with at least a bachelor?s degree had median annual earnings of $45,500, well over the medians for people with only some college ($30,000) or a high-school diploma ($28,000). Sure, going back to school may be stressful and overwhelming, but once you graduate, you can reap countless benefits.

Going back to school as an adult starts with acceptance. You need to want to make a change to better your life and broaden your horizons. This is easier if you’re currently working at a job you know isn’t suitable for you, but if you’re feeling ‘stuck’ at your job and feel like there’s no way o Continue reading

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home learning

3 Productive Habits That Will Strengthen Your Brain

home learning

Sadly, many people believe that once you’ve hit your mid 20s, your brain cannot acquire anymore knowledge. That is simply not true. Luckily, the majority of adults — 73% — consider themselves to be lifelong learners. Allowing yourself to learn, however, can be tricky because it’s so easy to fall into a pattern of laziness.

Even if you have a strong need for learning more about all kinds of different topics, if you sit down on your couch and put on the TV, it’ll be time to go to bed before you know it and all you’ve done was mindlessly watch a few episodes of a sitcom. That’s why the most important part about home learning is finding productive activities that will help combat the laziness and quench your thirst for knowledge.

It’s going to be difficult at first, but once you ignore and fight back against your laziness, you’ll end up developing more productive habits. Here are some of these habits that you should get into that will significantly improve your home learning ability.


The best way to expand your knowledge is by reading. Read as much as you possibly can and read whatever you want. That’s the beauty of reading, you don’t just have to read about quantum physics or nuclear science to reap the benefits and learn more. You can read about whatever you want. If you wish you knew more about World War II history, read about WWII. If you are a sports buff, read about sports. Perhaps you love reading autobiographies of famous celebrities, go for it! You should never feel ashamed about reading anything because whatever you read will help strengthen your mind.

Watch Documentaries

Although sitting down and watching hours of television is certainly not recommended, if you’re engaged and watching an educational documentary, you’ll surely be expanding your knowledge. There are so many exceptional documentaries available on the Internet nowadays and are both entertaining and informational. Be aware to not fall into watching poorly researched documentaries, however, as they can fill your head with false information.

Home Learning Courses

Finding a quality learning course online can truly improve your knowledge on any subject. You can always read up on something or watch a documentary on a particular topic, but if you really want to learn more, taking online learning courses is the way to go. Expand your knowledge on difficult topics like mathematics, science, history, philosophy, economics, and much more.

Learn more about learning today! Visit The Great Courses and continue your quest for lifelong knowledge.

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Special Needs EducationTeaching Differently

School for special needs

There was a time when special needs education was not addressed, or even discussed! There are many adults in this day and age who stumbled their way through their school years struggling with special needs that all bear labels now, but received no recognition then. Throughout the years, however, recognition was finally given to children with special needs, and, thankfully, many programs have been born out of those needs. And, again thankfully, the struggling children who grew up into adulthood all those years ago can now find the assistance that will give them relief from the struggles that grew up with them.

A learning disability can stem from multiple sources. However, whatever the cause, a learning disability can be a painful source of frustration for anyone. Special needs educ Continue reading

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