Resolving The Problems With Reporting The Development Of New Psychosocial Measurement Tools

If you are an academic, professor, researcher, scientist, or all of the above, then you know how important research tools are to your work. Without the right behavior measurement tools, databases, and instruments, your work would be impossible. Specifically, you may need to find the right psychosocial measurement tool in research. Researchers are developing new instruments and measurement tools all the time, often releasing these tools to their colleagues in the academic community. Unfortunately, these developers often fail to properly explain the purpose of their new instruments.

This can and does lead to confusion, frustration, wasted time, and wasted resources. However, it also leads to bad science.

In fact, when using a new psychosocial measurement tool in research, you may not even fully understand what this tool was designed to measure in the first place! While it may seem unlikely, health researchers and Continue reading

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