Importance of Child Care at an Early Age: Part 2

child careYou’ve already learned about how infant care impacts the lives of babies and how parents like you can benefit as well. But now it’s time to take a look at how early child care effects toddlers and children as they grow up and progress through life.

Here are a few additional benefits of child development centers for toddlers:

Your toddler will learn more about the world
Your children can only learn so much from you. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad teacher or parent, far from it, but it’s just difficult to balance work, family, personal relationships, and all the other aspects of life on top of successfully raising your kids. Fortunately, toddlers’ brains are like sponges, and exposing them to new environments will accelerate their development. That means your toddlers will be able to learn all kinds of fun new things while in after school daycare.

Your toddler will be on the right track for a successful future
To set your kids up for educational success, career success, and personal success, you have to start early. Sending children to trusted child care facilities is a great place to start. These programs can help your kids understand how life works and what it takes to be successful, in school and beyond. These valuable lessons will help them find out what they want out of life and provide them with the tools and drive to go after their goals and ensure a successful future.

In fact, according to theĀ Early Childhood Education Zone, there is a much higher chance of problems down the line for kids who never had additional schooling or after school support. Roughly 25% of at-risk kids are more likely to drop out of high school if they did not receive preschool education. Additionally, these at-risk kids are 40% more likely to become teen parents, 60% more likely to not go to college, and, sadly, 70% more likely to be arrested for committing a violent crime.

Your toddler will learn to be independent
Though your kid will have plenty of fun hanging out with kids their age at these learning facilities, they will also be able to work on certain tasks by themselves. Working on these projects without help from anyone else will teach your toddler the importance of independence. This will help them become better workers and learners for the future.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of child care facilities for your infant or toddler, contact child care centers near you. And if you’re looking for quality child care in Bonita Springs, call Growing Room Child Development Centers today!

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Choose the Right Day Care and Watch Your Child Flourish

When to enroll in pre-k

Education is an inherent part of life. From the moment a person is born, they are constantly absorbing their surroundings, cognizing, and integrating what they see with what they already know. By six years old, most children have already learned the grammatical nuances of a language, and if they are exposed to strong vocabulary, they can even have a word index of 32 million. To foster the development of these language skills, along with early social skills, many parents enroll their children in child care from a young age.

Early childhood education settings like daycare and preschool has proven effective in future success, with the average child in one of these programs finishi Continue reading

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Getting Child Care Can Help Your Child Grow


If you are interested in helping your child to develop better, you should consider looking into child care options that they will find enjoyable. Thanks to child care, you will have free time to go to work or run errands while your little one is able to get an educational experience that will help them to develop into a productive member of society later in life. Thanks to the best child care options around, you will see the difference in the way that your child develops both short and long term and it will help them to do better when they get to school as well as when they are adults.

While some adults need to find child care out of necessity because there are two working parents in the household or only one parent at all, there are many people that are looking for preschool options simply to give their child the experience. This is because at child care, your little one will learn, see, and experience new things that they may not have been made privy to at home. Moreover, you will find that with childcare provided by a third party, there will be more stimulation for your kid than there ever would be in your house simply because they will be exposed to many new people.

One of the best things about productive day care programs is that they can help to develop your child’s social skills. This will prove to be just as important as developing their educational skills because they will need to learn how to interact with people in order to get anywhere in life. Fortunately, you will see that your child can learn all sorts of important socializing skills when they are away at their daycare program and it will reflect on their personality at home.

To find the right daycare program, it is important that you take to the internet and do some research. Just as you would be taking the time to look up private schools or colleges, you will want your child to go to the right place. Reading website content and reviews as well as visiting establishments will help you find the right location.

Once your child goes off to daycare, they will be in a much stronger position. Even if they are apprehensive at first, give them time to get used to it. Before you know it, they will be excited to go every day.
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