Three Tips for Bringing Your Children to Work With You

Activities for children in the workplace

Whether you participate in Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day or your private day care suddenly cancels on you, you will likely have to provide childcare at work at some point in your career. This choice is a common one for modern families, especially given the current scarcity of childcare options for working parents. However, in order to accomplish this successfully, you’ll need more than a few activities for children in the workplace and your boss’s blessing; whenever possible, you should work to make the process easier for both your coworkers and your children. Check out the steps below to make childcare in the workplace a breeze!

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Indiana School Live-Streams Holiday Concert for Working Parents

How to find a daycare

It is often difficult for parents to successfully balance caring for their children with other responsibilities, especially their careers. One of the biggest challenges is finding childcare options for working parents, a task that often depends on private day cares, in-home day care providers, and even corporate childcare solutions, like employer sponsored childcare. However, creating a successful work-family balance also depends on other groups and organizations, especially local schools. Now, a school district in Indianapolis is attempting to help by live-streaming important events, allowi Continue reading

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The Benefits of Employer Sponsored Childcare

Pa daycare

Did you know that human beings are capable of learning more information during their first few years of life than at any other point in time? As a result, young children must be given the opportunity to develop in the most effective ways possible. It can be challenging for parents to provide their children with these opportunities because of work obligations, though, so private day care is available to help. Employer sponsored childcare, for example, allows working parents to provide their children with the proper education while they are at work, therefore there are two important benefits of this type of childcare.

1. Convenience. Employer sponsored childcare is convenient for employees. T Continue reading

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