The Importance Of The CAM license

If you’re looking into getting your Florida CAM license, you are certainly not alone. The Florida CAM license, or community association manager license, as it is also commonly known, is growing more and more popular for many people. Getting a Florida CAM license does, after all, open up quite a bit of opportunity in your world. For many people, getting a Florida CAM license is even taking a step in the right direction as investing in a new career entirely, something that might sound surprising but is actually quite true.

In fact, getting one’s Florida CAM license is even a requirement for a number of different job opportunities. For one thing, you’ll need a Florida CAM license if you have been elected to a housing board. And proof of this license must be given quite quickly after being elected in such a position – at least within 90 days after first being hired or elected. Without a Florida CAM license, many board members throughout the state would very much not be able to perform Continue reading

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