The Best Preschool Experience Can Help You Make Sure Your Child Is Ready for Elementary School

This is the time of year when many parents are in the process of discovering their educational options for next year. And while many parents already have their plans in place, parents of the youngest children may find themselves still making sure that they have explored all of their preschool options. Whether you decide to tour a preschool once a week while you are exploring your options are you are willing to take the advice of a friend, the decision that you make about where your child will go to preschool can help set the stage for a successful elementary start in a few years.
Preschool classrooms can vary, so it is often important for parents to make sure that they take time to understand what the differences are between the different options that are available.
For some parents, for example, it is important to find an environment to make sure that children learn to work indep Continue reading

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The Every Child Succeeds Act and Academic Preschools

High quality education

When your child is ready for preschool, you may be weighing the benefits of traditional daycare with an academic program that prepares them for kindergarten. In the United States, approximately three-fourths of preschool-aged children are enrolled in some type of program.

Traditional daycare programs focus more on play and other types of creative and social activities. This is important for your child’s social development because they learn how to make friends and interact with others.

Academic preschool curriculum, however, as its name implies, includes reading readiness and other preschool education activities, such as learning basic math and science skills. Academic preschool education c Continue reading

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