Arthur Postings

Arthur Postings

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You are currently reading an ‘About Me’ section on an education website which you’ve accessed through a global communication network called the internet. Presumably you’ve used a computing device of some sort to interface with the internet. Computing devices are advanced technology that work off of the principles of logic.

I, Arthur Postings, am the author of this posting on this education website. In a world of unnecessary fringes and doilies and decorative doodads adorning every surface, Education Website stands proud as a no-nonsense minimalist paragon of truth and righteousness. Being that this is a blog, you will be able to use your computing device to access blocks of symbols arranged in a semantically salient arrangement. These articles might teach you something about education. Education is the process by which we teach our human larvae how to think about things. I hope this blog will be the royal jelly that will help the nation’s children metamorphose into queen bees. Get ready for some serious arrangements of facts into cohesive articles via connecting tissue of functional prose!

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