Making a DIY Totika Deck

Therapeutic games for children

Totika is a therapy game that combines jenga with therapy card games. The benefits of the totika game include confidence building and teaching open communication skills. Play therapy games like this are great for children three to 12 but can benefit anyone no matter what their age.
By creating an imitation of this game, you are able to make a more specialized version that will better help you address the specific needs of your child or students. Creating your own version of this game is simple, but it is important that you approach it with care. The point of this game is to foster new skills, so it is important to avoid making your game too competitive.

What You Need

  • Jenga or anther wood stacking game
  • A deck of index cards
  • Markers

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Why Blended Online School Environments Are Replacing Traditional Classroom Structures

Online high school courses

Education comes in many different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many modern school settings still don’t recognize this simple truth. Many students find themselves struggling to maintain good grades in light of additional factors in their life, many of which aren’t properly accommodated by traditional school structures. When graduation is your major goal and your current setting isn’t conducive to this, an online STEM curriculum could be what you’re looking for. Blended schools provide more flexibility than the average school, allowing you to get a quality education on your own time.

Public And Private Schools

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Five Benefits of Childrens Counseling Games

Childs play therapy supplies

Are you looking for childrens counseling games? It’s difficult for anyone to delve into a stressful memories that have caused trauma, but particularly for a child, who is still developing the ability to communicate at all and how to process emotions to begin with. Using childrens counseling games helps the children sort out the thoughts and feelings they’re experiencing. A few of the benefits of childrens counseling games, include:

Five Benefits of Childrens Counseling Games

  1. It gives children tools for dealing with life going forward.
    The purpose of counseling isn’t only to process past events that have triggered trauma in a child. It is also to helps them navigate the trials and trauma tha Continue reading
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