Summer Camp for Kids Keeps the Learning Going

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Almost all over America, children look forward to the days of summer when they can have a break from the regular rigors of their schools. After 10 months of hitting the books hard, kids need a change of pace, a redirection of sorts but one that will keep them engaged in their learning pursuits. Summer camp for kids is a way to keep kids engaged in the learning process while allowing them to enjoy their summer breaks at the same time.

Top private schools all over the country, along with a great number of public schools have implemented summer camp for kids programs to help young people continue their education during the summer months. Day care centers are also an active part in keeping kids active d Continue reading

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5 Things that You Can Do With a Human Development and Family Studies Degree

Family studies major

If you are majoring in a human development and family studies degree program then you might be wondering what you are going to be able to use your degree for. You may have had an idea in mind when you first started your Bachelors degree or masters or wherever you are at but maybe somewhere along the way, you changed your mind. That can happen a lot. When there are various areas that you could go into with one degree, it’s easy to think you want one thing. But then, when you experience the other industries and areas that are opening up to you, you’ll see tha Continue reading

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