Invest in the Next Generation by Supporting Quality Child Care Centers


Infant day care, preschools, and other child care centers are needed now more than ever. One of the primary reasons for this is that very few children have stay-at-home parents. In fact, less than one-in-three children have a mother or father that is able to stay home to care for them.

Many children under five, approximately 23.4%, spend their days in a variety of organized child care arrangements. This includes day care centers that care for infants and toddlers as well as preschools which prepare these children for kindergarten.

Quality child care centers are also important due to their obvious role in providing early educ Continue reading

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The Many Benefits Of A Preschool Education

Preschool education activities

Preschool is rapidly becoming less of an option for children in the American school system, and more of a must. The rise of preschools in prominence has been fairly quick, and the speed with which they have risen is in part due to the recognition of their results. Preschools may not be strictly required by the American school system, but they are highly beneficial for a wide number of reasons. For one thing, they prepare children for the requirements of school, as well as the social structure of school. This will make the transition into kindergarten and beyond much easier. For another thing, they provide children with social opportunities that may otherwise be difficult to find at a young age. This means that not only will your child be potentially academically advanced, but socially adva Continue reading

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