Why Should I Send My Child to Preschool?

Half-day kindergarten

It seems like life is coming full circle. The very first Montessori teacher your young girls ever had is sending travel notes to your teenage daughters about an upcoming visit to New York City. Still connected through social media after all of these years the two freshmen, one in high school and one in college, have convinced their parents that they can skip the expense of a rental car and use the money that otherwise would be spent on rental and parking for show tickets. No car, however, means that the family of four will completely rely on public transportation for their three day weekend in the city.
How fun that the girls themselves are texting and messaging their very first teacher about the upcoming trip. Seems like the Montessori preschool program you selected all those years ago really has cr Continue reading

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Including Spanish in the Preschool and Elementary School Cirriculum

Preschool spanish

You probably don?t remember when you began learning English as your primary language. You were probably so young that you can?t even remember your lessons. If learning English was so easy, then how come it isn?t as easy to learn a second language now? That?s because there is a critical period for learning language. It actually gets much harder to learn the older that you are.

Spanish is a great language to learn as a second language, because it is prevalent in so many countries across the world. It may be difficult for you to learn to fluently speak Spanish, but what about your children or your students? You can take advantage of that critical learning period in early development, when acquiring language skills comes naturally and easy. A child?s capacity to pronounce unfamiliar, foreign sounds and to abs Continue reading

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3 Things to Look for in a Child Care Center

Early learning

Finding child care can seem like a real chore. You have so many options, and both you and your child need to be happy with the final decision. Many new moms simply have no idea where to begin their search. Check out just a few must-haves to get you started!

Safety First

While affordable child care should be a top priority, safety should come before that. You need to make sure that the place your child will be spending their time at is both safe and constructive for them. Your child should also feel comfortable and safe when they are there.

Early Learning P Continue reading

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Why Childcare Matters Picking a Childcare Provider That Suits Your Child’s Unique Needs

Finding a daycare

Many parents work full-time jobs and have no choice but to find a relative, friend, sitter, or daycare to take care of their child. As childcare options for working parents continue to grow with an increasing number of these services, it is important to note that not every service is the same.

Traditional Daycare

National statistics show that over 80% of children spend some time in daycare by the time they are 4. There are a variety of daycare programs for busy parents, including scheduled and walk-in options. Since the average 4 year old child asks an average of 437 questions a day, it is important to know who is answering those questions and influencing your child’s growth. Although many cen Continue reading

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