5 Reasons a Preschool Education is Invaluable

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Preschool and early pre-K are generally for children ages 1 through 5. These programs help children learn through play, so they are ready to move up through vpk school grades when the time comes. One of the main reasons a child goes to preschool is to get ready for kindergarten. In addition, preschool helps a child build a foundation for future life skills.

Prepare for Kindergarten
It takes a lot of preparation and getting used to preschool for a child to be ready to take on kindergarten. Yet, some Continue reading

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All Your Kids are Special, but is Your Speical Needs Kid Getting the Help They Need?


You love your children, perhaps even more if they?re special or different. One in 68 children in America is now affected by autism, and while we may not know what causes it, we do know that you want the best for your child and to give them every assistance and opportunity that you can.

If you?re the parent of an autistic child, you?re not alone, though it may feel like it at times. But with the help of a great special needs therapist, you and your child can get the help you need.

Today, research has shown that a valid, reliable, and stable diagnosis of autism can be made by age two and that concerns about hearing and sight are more often reported among children with autism Continue reading

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