3 of the Most Famous English Majors of All Time

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If you think having an English degree doesn’t pay off, think again. There are some wildly successful English majors out there, after all. Here are just a few of them.

Conan O’Brien. - Believe it or not, Conan O’Brien was both a history and an English major when he went to Harvard University. The self-deprecating TV host has his roots in classic literature, and wrote his senior thesis about the use of children as symbols in the work of William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor.

Grant Tinker. - Now, you might not have heard of Grant Tinker, but you’ve undoubtedly seen his legacy. The former CEO of NBC and television producer got his English degree at Dartmouth Continue reading

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Student Rentals Provide Privacy and Flexibility

Apartments near uc berkeley

College is one of life’s most major transitions. It is a change for students, and it is a change for parents and families. One of the biggest parts of transitioning into college has to do with moving into a dorm or moving to a student’s very first apartment. While dorm living is a great option for most freshmen who are first learning to live on their own, many upperclassmen and their families decide that moving off-campus is a better choice.
The move to a student rental, however, brings many growth opportunities as well as challenges. While moving off campus can often mean great savings and more flexibility, students and their parents need to be careful about the housing they choose. Experts recommend the following checklist when you are making a walk-through of student rentals:

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3 Ways Preschool Can Lead to a Brighter Future for Your Children

Kla preschool

The benefits of enrolling your children in a quality preschool are well-documented, and the popularity of early education is backed up by the numbers. Over two-thirds of four-year-olds in the U.S. attend a preschool or child care center, and those numbers are growing by the year.

The early stages of childhood are the most crucial time in your child’s life as their brain begins to fully develop and they can retain more information. Being able to “strike when the iron is hot” is an important part of creating a solid foundation of knowledge for your children to grow off of. Here are three of the many important reasons that you should be considering early education for your child:

    Improve language and memory skills. Waiting that extra year to let your children go off to normal kinderga Continue reading

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3 Cool Jobs You Can Get With a Communications Degree

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Earning a communications degree will make more career opportunities available to you than you imagine. Here are just a few of the most exciting places you can go as a communications major.

Public Relations. - With your communications degree, you can go into the world of public relations. You can choose to work for a small, medium, or large company, or even a nonprofit. Working for a large company, you’ll work on PR campaigns in a hyper-competitive, challenging place with large teams from whom you can learn a ton. If you’d prefer to be more hands on, and not just a face in a room, you can choose to work with a small business, and really develop a name and network for yo Continue reading

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