Tattoo Apprenticeship Mixes Old School Ideas With Modern Techniques

Old school tattoo ideas

The American tattoo industry has come a long way since Martin Hildebrandt opened the first professional tattoo studio in the United States in Boston, way back in 1846. Tattoos have gone mainstream — from old school tattoo ideas to contemporary styles, tattoos are here to stay.

There are thousands of tattoo studios across the country, and one in five American adults has a tattoo. This means that there has never been a better time in America to become a tattoo apprentice.

Old school tattoo ideas are in fashion again and there are a seemingly unlimited number of possibilities for the modern tattoo artist. There are many styles and techniques to learn and many tattoo apprentice programs to choose from, but given that so many of these programs are small, unfunded apprenticeships where the skills Continue reading

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Is Your Child Ready For Their First Day of Kindergarten?

Extended care

Kindergarten is one of the biggest steps a child will take while growing up. For many children, kindergarten is their first experience of a school environment. Some children may have difficulty adapting to the demands that come with the daily school life, which can cause early stress during a time crucial to child development. Hare a few everyday activities you can participate in to help your child succeed during their first day of kindergarten.

While children are not required to have extensive academic knowledge, many kindergarten teachers prefer to receive students who have at least basic knowledge of numbers and letters. Reading books with your child is a get way to help them dev Continue reading

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What Jobs Can You Get With a Psychology Degree?

Interdisciplinary studies degree program

A psychology degree can open more lucrative doors for you than you might. Here are just a few of the amazing opportunities that’ll become available after earning your degree.

Engineering Psychologist. – Engineering psychologists study humans’ behaviors towards technology. For example, they might look at how frustrating it can be for a person to use an ATM. While they might feel that the ATM is too complicated, engineering psychologists may find that the issue is really a user error. Engineering psychologists look at how to improve the ways that technology fits into our lives. They also ma Continue reading

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Find Great Student Housing With These Tips

Uc berkeley student housing

When it comes time for college one of the most important arrangements to make for each student is finding adequate campus housing. You need a place to stay while you’re hard at work trying to earn that degree. Some students will choose to find a place on campus to live while others prefer finding something off campus.

Finding Apartments for Students

Campus student housing can sometimes fill up very quickly so it is best to search for student housing programs or off campus housing options as a back up. Apartment search engines are a great tool for locating student rentals. You can often specify desired amenities and distance from campus. There are even programs for stud Continue reading

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