Indiana School Live-Streams Holiday Concert for Working Parents

How to find a daycare

It is often difficult for parents to successfully balance caring for their children with other responsibilities, especially their careers. One of the biggest challenges is finding childcare options for working parents, a task that often depends on private day cares, in-home day care providers, and even corporate childcare solutions, like employer sponsored childcare. However, creating a successful work-family balance also depends on other groups and organizations, especially local schools. Now, a school district in Indianapolis is attempting to help by live-streaming important events, allowi Continue reading

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Public vs Private the Great Education Debate

High school basketball team

One of the most important things a parent can do for their child is to select a school that will give them the best education possible. Many parents rely on public schools to educate their children, but a growing number are turning to private education for a variety of reasons. With so many educational options, choosing a school can be a daunting task.

What are the advantages of private schools when compared to public schools?

  • Many private schools are much smaller than public schools. 86% of private schools have fewer than 300 students enrolled. With fewer students, private schools tend toward smaller class sizes and lower student/teacher ratios. This enables teachers to give more students individualized attention. Smaller class sizes also allow for closer relationships between Continue reading
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Understanding Compression Springs and How They Relate to Your Vehicle

Custom wire forming

You can find metal compression springs in a variety of devices including stamping presses, lawn mowers, medical devices, electronics, cell phones and sensitive instrumentation devices, but one of the main places you’ll find them is inside your car.

The most common shape for compression springs is helical. Helical springs are wound or constructed in such away that they oppose compression along the winding axis. This allows them to resist linear compressing forces, or push, making them one of the most efficient energy storage devices on the market.

A spring stores energy because of the resilience of its shape and releases the energy to absorb shocks or maintain a balance of force between two surfaces. The quality of a spring is generally measured by how much energy it can absorb, with springs a Continue reading

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How Parents Can Help Their Child With Disabilities Succeed

Special education programs for kids

Before the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was passed, it was difficult for children with disabilities or special needs to overcome many of the educational obstacles presented in a typical school setting. While the act was originally passed back in 1975 (though under a different name), it has been amended many times since to help better meet the needs of children with learning disabilities in school. Thanks to the changes that have been made, children of all ages with disabilities are ensured free services to help them succeed in a public educational setting.

As with most things in life, getting an early diagnosis of a disability, as well as an early start wit Continue reading

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Benefits of Private Schools

Preschools in fulton md

The first years of a child’s life and their early child care are extremely important to their social, emotional, and educational growth. When considering how to find good child care there are many things to think about including heir future education such as private vs public schools for their elementary career. Research shows that children who participate in daycare and preschool are more prepared socially, economically, emotionally, and personally than the children who do not. Many parents of children may think that considering a private school curriculum is unnecessary at such a young age would be surprised to know the many long term life benefits of private schooling even in the earliest of educational years and child care.

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