What to Consider When Off-Campus Apartment Shopping

College student apartments

During 2013, an estimated 6,837,605 students enrolled in 4 year college programs in the United States. While living in campus housing is a traditional right of passage for students, many college students in the U.S. prefer to live in off-campus housing arrangements because they provide more privacy than traditional campus housing does. Many times, student housing arrangements can also become full on campus quickly. Having a back up plan will allow a student to have a secure living situation.

Are you considering looking for an alternative to campus housing? You have several options to find a housing arrangement that works for your needs. Ever heard of apartment search engines? Many local colleges and bigger universities are utilizing search engines specializing in finding apartments for college stu Continue reading

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Three Ways to Earn a Private School Scholarship

Preschool advantages versus disadvantages

Many parents feel that a private school education is best for their child, and although there are many benefits of private schools, they are also very expensive. Some families who are unable to pay the tuition for a private school may feel that they have no option but to send their child to public schools. However, there are other options. Private school grants and scholarships, although not plentiful, are available. For parents who want their child to attend private elementary schools and high schools, follow this advice:

  1. Start Early – While many priv Continue reading
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PayPal Co-Founder Challenges Effectiveness of Traditional Education

Aspergers boarding school

While the rise of the common core and other controversial issues in the United States education system have somewhat challenged the way children are taught today, a lot of misconceptions still exist. For example, the idea that a person will get the best education from a prestigious institution: in truth, the average child will perform better in a system that recognizes their individual strengths and works with them accordingly. Because of this, boarding schools for ADHD and dyslexia, as well as Aspergers schools, are becoming a popular method for parents to help their children succeed. And recently, the concept that standard Continue reading

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The Benefits of Working in Higher Education

Teaching jobs

The job market has made a strong comeback, and is now thriving follow the financial and economic crisis of the mid 2000′s. With unemployment rates steadily dropping, job seekers and applicants are using this time to reevaluate their skill set in order to land or even create the perfect career path.

Aside from rate of pay, job security is an important factor for job seekers. As technology continues to advance, many jobs and career paths have now become obsolete, as technology has replaced many positions that humans once had. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of college and university jobs is the high level of job security that they offer, allowing employees to enjoy a peace of mind that many others in various fields do not have.

Not all Continue reading

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Private Elementary Schools

Advantage of preschool education

One of the first big decisions a parent must make for their young child is where to send them to elementary school. Parents often go back and forth between private versus public schools, weighing the benefits of both to make the best decision for their child. This is certainly not an easy decision to make, and parents should carefully look at the pros and cons of each and think about which type of environment their child would thrive in. Think private elementary school is the best choice? It may be, but consider the following advantages and disadvantages before choosing:

Advantages of Private Schools

There are many benefits to a p Continue reading

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