Are Collagen Injections the Best Treatment for Acne Scarring?

Natural collagen and placenta night cream

Many people who have dealt with serious acne for many years hope that once their skin, clears, they will be left with a perfect, flawless complexion. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Acne leaves behind scarring, as a result of long time infection and inflammation of the skin’s glands. The result is an uneven skin surface with peaks and valleys. It is possible to get rid of this scarring, but there are many different options to consider.

One option for those that suffer from acne scarring to consider is collagen injections. What is collagen? Collagen is a natural protein found within the body, in the bone, cartilage, skin, and tendons. Collagen benefits skin’s strengt Continue reading

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How to Review For the ACT

Gre prep course

Studying for the ACT can often be as difficult or even more challenging than the actual test. Getting personal test prep tutoring or taking college prep programs often help, but ultimately your success hinges on your personal study habits.

If you’d like to do well, use these studying tips for exams as your review the test’s college prep curriculum.


As you do test prep review for the English part of the ACT, practice looking for the four most common types of grammatical errors — vebr-subject agreement, pronoun usage, syntax, and awkward phrasing. If you’re a native English speaker, the error should become apparent, so trust your gut.

Math.Continue reading

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Does Your Child Have Asperger’s? A Special School May Be Able to Help

Boarding school dyslexia

As access to information increases as technology improves, more and more children are being diagnosed with neurological disorders, including Asperger’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and dyslexia. This can be extremely confusing and frightening for both families and the children themselves; however, these diagnoses, when correctly ascertained, can help a child connect with the resources they need to help them learn to work with their disorder as they age. Increasingly, these resources are including specific educational programs and institutions designed specifically for students with neurological disorders. As a result, schools for Asperger’s, schools for ADHD, and schools for dyslexia are expanding acros Continue reading

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